Kathrin Burmester  Biography




UCLA Wight Gallery Exhibit "My Buddy", Los Angeles, CA Sep. 27th - Oct 10th

Greater LA Masters of Fine Art Exhibition (GLAMFA), Long Beach, CA Sep. 9th - Sep. 20th

 Peoplescapes, Hunsaker/Schlesigner Fine Art, Santa Monica, August

 Timelines, SeeLine Gallery, L.A., June 9 - July 20

 MFA Thesis, Bolsky Gallery, L.A., Feb. 8-16

Resolutions, Bolsky Gallery, L.A.



LA Freewaves, Hammer Museum, L.A.

 Group Show, 6147 Gallery, L.A.

 Otis Mid-Residency Show, Bolsky Gallery, L.A.



Ion Film Festival, Culver City



Big Bear Film Festival, Milford, PA

 Dusty Film Festival, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

 Max Ophčls Film Festival, Saarbruecken, Germany