Nancy Rubins


Born in Naples, Texas. Lives and works in Topanga, California.

Nancy Rubins is known for her monumental, gravity-defying, towering sculptures of airplane parts, electrical appliances or mattresses. While Rubins' assemblages are full of compositional ingenuity and beauty, her materials call to mind technological obsolescence and the discarded waste of consumer society.
After receiving her diploma in Fine Arts in 1976, Nancy Rubins discovers the extraordinary buildings of Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí as well as the fantastical bricolage work of popular artists such as Simon Rodia, who created the Watts Towers in Los Angeles. Thus inspired, Nancy Rubins begins working with found objects, creating sculptures from the detritus of consumer society.  During the same period, she experiences an earthquake, an event that marks a turning point in her work. Struck by the way the concrete walls of her apartment begin to undulate, she begins to reflect upon the unstable nature of materials, experimenting in her sculptures with the principles of gravity and movement. Her monumental suspended sculptures are the direct results of these experiences.